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Axis Fixture Co., Ltd

Our company was founded since 1976 as a professional fastener manufacturer. We are located at central Taiwan, which is convenience for the domestic market.

Our business model is high quality, stability and trustworthy, base on this model, we expanded with great diversity, engaging in different manufacturing process such as:

Cold forming

Hot forming

Stainless steel wax last

Plastic injection

Aluminum alloy die-casting

Zinc alloy die-casting

Metal powder alloy

Precision metal stamping

None-standard hardware processing

enable to meet every customer’s needs and achieving “One- stop shopping”.

We make your hardware purchasing so much easier!


Axis Hardware Co., Ltd


As China become the “World’s factory”, we sense it is necessary to used the great advantage, for the best interest and benefit of our customers. We carry the spirit of Axis Fixture Co., Ltd. and seeking for quality, stability and pricing China made, that meeting our customers’ expectation and maintain growth in the competitive market.


30 years of experience in dealing hardware, you can rest assure to us from handling your purchasing. We will be your best partner as well as a great friend in Asia.


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Axis Hardware Co., Ltd.

No. 63, Hsiang Ho Road, Tan Tzu, Taichung, Taiwan
TEL: 886-4-25365777
FAX: 886-4-25367155
E-mail: info@axis-hw.com